landing kitty 17 (dragon kitty)
Dragon Kitty, burninating the countryside.

CryptoKitties refers both to the game and the digital assets players own and generate from gameplay. CryptoKitties, as a game, is an ethereum blockchain based game developed by Axiom Zen that allows players to purchase, collect, breed, and sell various types of virtual cats. It represents one of the earliest attempts to utilize blockchain technology as a core aspect of playing the game. In this way the game allows extensibility in a number of ways related to working with the Ethereum blockchain. These virtual cats are also called CryptoKitties and exist as digital collectibles on the ethereum blockchain. Each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.



The main gameplay of CryptoKitties, beside collecting, is breeding. Breeding is influenced by both primary and hidden genes. Primary genes can be both active and inactive in appearance. Active primary genes are cattributes. The first player to crack this genomic code was kaigani who shared his results with the community. To aid in the complexity involved with all these genes and breeding, a number of tools are available.


Mewtations are one of the main reasons to breed and to add value via breeding. Mewtations are a chance occurrence that happens when two specific genes are present in the primary slots of a kitty. When this occurs, there is a 25% chance of a mewtation occurring.


New Gen0 CryptoKitties are auctioned off by the CryptoKitties team using a specific account called ⏱ Kitty Clock ⏱. This account will auction off CryptoKitties for roughly 1 year before ending. During this period, this is how new genes are introduced into the game's economy.


Family Jewels

Trait Releases

In early April, 2018, trait releases were changed in gen0 kitties. Specifically, after the Family Jewels update when new traits were released, it was relatively easy to snipe the diamond. This lead to automation that would quickly purchase the kitty. Therefore traits were changed so they would be introduced at H3 and then after some time go up to H2, till they are at the highest level they will achieve. While this did not eliminated the automation, it made the process require more investment and breeding to get the diamond.1

Cat Codex

Special Cat Codex

Stories & History

Original Artwork

Original artwork or original graphics (OG) refers to graphics that have changed after their initial release in the CryptoKitties artwork.

Kitty Lore

A number of kitties have a rich history either due to something involving their unique nature or some practice of passing the kitty.

Other Events

Clone Kitties Night of Terror

June 2, 2018 a series of bugs lead to a rapid production of gen0 kitties which were mostly all clones. Two clones variants primarily dominated the group of kitties just shy of 500 which was produced in roughly 2 hours.

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