CryptoKitties provides a number of APIs for accessing their off-chain data and allowing users to build new tools that incorporate it.

Per Kitty[kittyid]

A single kitty can be fetched by using this API.

Player Kitties[address]

All player kitties can be fetched but will be paginated. limit sets the max number of kitties in a reply and offset is used to step forward x number of kitties (e.g. normally n*limit where n is a counting number). The address represents an ethereum address for a given player/owner.

All kitties

If we omit the owner_wallet_address keyword in the last API query, we can generate a method to obtain all kitties.


A list of all cattributes and the current number of kitties with those cattributes can be fetched using this API.


This API returns all the data used in the CryptoDex. However, while it says all, it is only fetching kitties not on sale (i.e. what the CryptoDex shows).


By adding ?type=fancy to the previous request for all kitties from an address, we then end up with data used in the FancyDex.