Fancies are special CryptoKitties that have unique artwork. To obtain the fancies, a specific set of cattributes has to be present in an offspring. Originally fancies had no limits but limits were added to all fancies after a few months. After the limits were introduced, fancy 'hunting' and 'racing' became an intricate part of the game's community. Fancies currently have ranged from two cattributes up to six cattributes.

Fancy Hits and Recipe Discovery

When new fancies are released, often the process starts with a teaser that shows an outline of the new fancy. This is then followed by hints which describe the cattributes necessary for the fancy recipe. After all the hints are obtained, the players can assemble potential recipes and then eventually discover the first fancy of a new type1.

Found Fancies23

Name Cap Cattributes
ShipCat 1,000 sphynx, luckystripe, crazy, orangesoda
DuCat 10,000 cymric, tongue
Dracula 2,000 laperm, spock, strawberry, WE00*
Mistletoe 2,000 crazy, oldlace, gerbil
SantaClaws 1,000 cloudwhite, scarlet, beard, WE12*
PhuZiqaat 1,000 chartreux, spock, alien, pouty
Stitches 500 hintomint, swampgreen, seafoam, saycheese
Negato 500 henna, slyboots, onyx, wolfgrey
Momo-chan 500 henna, sass, onyx, wolfgrey, bloodred
Earnie 500 birman, hotrod, orangesoda, grim
MisterPurrfect 1,000 strawberry, baddate, chocolate, wuvme
YuriCatsuki 250 crymic, tiger, neckbeard, elk
Tabby 250 ragamuffin, otaku, morningglory, cheeky
汪星爷/DogCat 88 tigerpunk, sweetlemoncakes, barkbrown, periwinkle, yokel
咚咚锵/LionDanceCat 888 manx, googly, royalblue, starstruck
红包喵/FortuneCat 888 calicool, sapphire, harbourfog, swampgreen, beard
PussForProgress 1,920 himalayan, safetyvest, peach, gerbil
Berry 200 thunderstruck, emeraldgreen, simple, dragonfruit, apricot
Vernon 320 amur, fabulous, cottoncandy, springcrocus, belleblue, soserious
Flutterbee 275 jaguar, cloudwhite, lemonade, azaleablush, WE14*
Swish 2,880 norwegianforest, thicccbrowz, orangesoda, luckystripe
DocPurr 250 persian, spock, raisedbrow, violet, tongue
ChatPlongeur 1,910 seafoam, aquamarine, skyblue
Schrödinger's Cat 73 tinybox, forgetmenot, SE25*, UN20*
Page 50,000 peach, rascal, wasntme
Furrmingo 333 bobtail, egyptiankohl, flamingo, whixtensions
Kitty Pride 1,316 cinderella, fabulous, garnet
Raspoutine 1,867 nachocheez, sandalwood, buzzed, belch
Boot** 1,440 ganado, wiley, cerulian, rollercoaster
Lulu 999 salty, turtleback, verdigris, cyan
Catbury 76 ragdoll, crazy, chocolate, mintmacaron, yokel, WE02*
Purrspero 4,448 googly, dippedcone, beard, royalpurple

*Cattributes are hidden

**Boot included additional colors to achieve a specific team jersey.

Active Fancies

Active fancies have not yet achieved the limit and can still be birthed by following the recipe.

Undiscovered Fancies

None at this time.

Community Fancies

Also called Community Varieties. 4 Community Fancies may overlap with Player Collections.