One of the most interesting aspects of blockchain gaming is it's extensiblity. As such, CryptoKitties has had a flourishing community which continues to provide a great place for community members to extend the game with new graphics or functionality. These community projects vary from adding accessories to CryptoKitties, KittyHats, to racing kitties, KittyRace, to battling players kitties against each other, KittyBattles. Each of these utilizing blockchain technology in different ways to achieve their different features.

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CryptoKitties community amity

CryptoKitties core has maintained a special interest in working with it's community and supporting fair use of CryptoKitties artwork. In order to demystify rights for CryptoKitties owners, the core team released the Nifty License.1 Those interested in doing 3-D rendering, animation, and other derivative art, should review the Nifty License2 and are encouraged to connect with the community via discord.

Nifty License

On June 26, 2018 CryptoKitties core addressed a standing concern from the community regarding ambiguity of the rights regarding CryptoKitties artwork.

CryptoKitties Core Team

Core team members are not allowed to be players, as this would be considered a conflict of interest. As such, they are the primary designers, artists, and engineers behind the games creation and evolution.

CryptoKitties Team Members

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Team picture

Community Projects

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Projects created primarily by players to extend functionality or gameplay for CryptoKitties

Accessory Extensions

Extended Gameplay

Player Community

CryptoKitties has a variety of different players with different objectives behind their gameplay. In addition, there is a lot of context and story related to understanding different players history in the game.

General Players

These players are some of the most active and supporting within the community.


Researchers are players who were super nerdy about CryptoKitties and helped define some of the important understandings in the game even if they are not as active as many players in the community.


These are players who have had a significant impact on the game due to their buy volume.

  • Valentine's Day Whale

Retired Players

Some players have decided to step away but were influential to the community.

  • Jody
  • The US Treasury