One of the most interesting aspects of blockchain gaming is it's extensiblity. As such, [[CryptoKitties]] has had a flourishing community which continues to provide a great place for community members to extend the game with new graphics or functionality. These community projects vary from adding accessories to [[CryptoKitties]], [KittyHats](kittyhats), to racing kitties, [KittyRace](kittyrace), to battling players kitties against each other, [KittyBattles](kittybattles). Each of these utilizing blockchain technology in different ways to achieve their different features.

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## CryptoKitties community amity

[CryptoKitties core](/cryptokitties/cryptokitties-core/) has maintained a special interest in working with it's community and supporting fair use of [[CryptoKitties]] artwork. In order to demystify rights for [[CryptoKitties]] owners, the core team released the Nifty License.[^1] Those interested in doing 3-D rendering, animation, and other derivative art, should review the Nifty License[^2] and are encouraged to connect with the community via discord.

[^1]: https://www.niftylicense.org/
[^2]: https://www.niftylicense.org/license

### Nifty License

On June 26, 2018 [CryptoKitties core](/cryptokitties/cryptokitties-core/) addressed a standing concern from the community regarding ambiguity of the rights regarding [[CryptoKitties]] artwork.

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## CryptoKitties Core Team
Core team members are not allowed to be players, as this would be considered a conflict of interest. As such, they are the primary designers, artists, and engineers behind the games creation and evolution. 

### CryptoKitties Team Members

- [Guile Gaspar](people/guile-gaspar)

### CryptoKitties Team Picture

![Team picture](https://www.cryptokitties.co/downloads/team.jpg)

## Community Projects

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Projects created primarily by players to extend functionality or gameplay for [[CryptoKitties]]

### Accessory Extensions
- [KittyHats](kittyhats)

### Extended Gameplay
- [KittyRace](kittyrace)
- [KittyBattles](kittybattles)

## Player Community
[[CryptoKitties]] has a variety of different players with different objectives behind their gameplay. In addition, there is a lot of context and story related to understanding different players history in the game.

### General Players
These players are some of the most active and supporting within the community.

- [PapaCK](people/papack)

### Reseachers
Researchers are players who were super nerdy about [[CryptoKitties]] and helped define some of the important understandings in the game even if they are not as active as many players in the community.

- [Kaigani](people/kaigani)

### Whales
These are players who have had a significant impact on the game due to their buy volume.

- Valentine's Day Whale

### Retired Players
Some players have decided to step away but were influential to the community.

- [Jody](people/jody)
- The US Treasury