Jokecat (Kitty #497454) was one of the entrants in's Ugly Cat Contest from early 2018. While it didn't win the title of "Ugliest Cat", it was the winner of "Most Likely to become a Running Joke" when one of the judges commented:

"I can totally see this kitty becoming a running joke where this cat is sent to someone to mess with them, only for the receiver to quickly send it to somebody else because they don’t want the displeasure of having this cat in their inventory. I am very sorry for whoever owns this cat."

Jokecat ready for the beauty contest (after kittyhats treatment)

A few days later, Jody was checking out her beautiful kitties and there he was, staring back at her. The era of Jokecat was born.

From that point, Jokecat could be silently inserted into anyone's litter, waiting to be discovered. If you were a recipient of Jokecat, it became common practice to breed it, creating a "Jokecat Jr." kitty, and then passing him along to another player's account. The original instructions have been preserved here:

If you have received JokeCat, please: - Do not rename him. (His name should be “”. He needs this name so people can figure out what he is and where he came from.) - Do not sell him. (But you may breed him once if you like.) - Please send him along within one week. (He’s a traveler at heart.) - Send him to someone you know. (JokeCat doesn’t want to get stuck in a neglected account.)

The recorded history of Jokecat's travels:

Misfortunate JokeCat Owners12

Date Name Address Notes
Feb-04-2018 Apexlion 0x195650a518b841602dbb6ae6f09c40b608d1fea6 fatefully entered JokeCat into the Ugly Kitty Contest and inadvertently turned him into a running joke
Feb-15-2018 Jodiferous 0xaba935f589805095a892ecefdb6eb83eff45d679 bred JokeCat with the World’s Ugliest Kitty (Derpface) to get JokeCat Jr. #1
  • The Bat Lady – bred JokeCat to get Bob JokeCat Jr. (almost identical to the original JokeCat)
  • Prittie Kitties – bred JokeCat and got a jaguar?! (JokeCat Jr. #3)
  • Charmed / BigMoneyBags – entered JokeCat into the “Miss Kitty” Beauty Pageant (LOL), bought a box for JokeCat from KittyHats (use their Chrome extension to see the hat (pictured to the right)), bred JokeCat with a Club 100 kitty and got the world’s only ugly wingtips! (JokeCat Jr. #4) (Charmed later sold all her cats, including JokeCat Jr. #4 to MH10K).
  • Nice Kitties – bred JokeCat in an attempt to get a SantaClaws Fancy, but ended up with Tobias JokeCat Jr. (#5) instead.
  • Catboy Slim – bred JokeCat and got JokeCat Jr. #6
  • High Generations Miauw (steemspoker)
  • Lunar (ParanoidLunatic) – bred JokeCat and got JokeCat Jr. #8
  • yura
  • 4/4/18: Cloudwhitekitties – Cloudwhitekitties wanted a cloudwhite JokeCat Jr. but was sorely disappointed by JokeCat Jr. #9. Since Apexlion never had a chance to breed JokeCat, Cloudwhitekitties got permission to breed JokeCat Jr. one more time (still hoping for another cloudwhite). The result was yet another failure, and JokeCat Jr. #10 was sent to Apexlion.
  • 4/8/18: Byzantinist – Purebred Sires – On a dare, JokeCat went out four times with a purebred Baddate (who is the child of two Mister Purrfects). This four night stand led to an epically ugly kitten, JokeCat’s 4 Nights of Bad Date (#11).
  • 4/15/18: Alanfalcon – JokeCat is attracted to lots of shiny things like diamonds. Around this time, Alan was promoted at Axiom/CK and could no longer play, but he was able to have Poopie breed JokeCat on his behalf, resulting in JokeCat Jr. #12.
  • 4/18/18: Poopie
  • June 2018: RudeM00se