Original artwork or original graphics (OG) refers to graphics that have changed after their initial release in the CryptoKitties artwork. V2 refers to the second version of the artwork. While OG is equivalent to V1, this system is used primarily to refer to later differentiates of the artwork and not the first version.

Cattributes with differentiated artwork

Cattribute Last OG ID First V2 ID count
Serpent 456675 456709 3358
Onyx 478686 478762 392
Pouty 478717 478733 95992
Ganado 483035 483066 11
Henna 449148 449220 3524
Frosting 663268 663272 87

Ragdoll OG Chart

Ragdoll OG identification pic

Cymric OG Chart

Crymric OG identification pic

Lazy Shadowing Chart

OG Lazy Shadowing

Gem'ed OG Cryptokitties

Total number of OG kitties with gems


Gem Type Count
Diamond 1
Gilded 11
Ameythyst 80
Lapis 6


Gem Type Count
Diamond 1
Gilded 5
Ameythyst 0
Lapis 0