KnightKitty Pic
Release:28 Feburary 2018

KnightKitties are exclusive cats which were given to moderators of the CryptoKitties community. Eleven KnightKitties were minted. KnightKitties have a badge, knightkitty, and a bio that references the original awardee.

KnightKitty Original Awardees

Kitty ID Awardee
104 Foxxy
105 Jessica
106 Psycheout
107 Bitcoin_Louie
108 NotEvenClose
109 Bojak
110 Mercy
111 Derpybastard
112 Xelion
113 Muddledbox
114 Ciel

First KnightKitty Sale

The first KnightKitty was sold by Derpy, Kitty 111, for 16.1 ETH. 1