Vintage Kitties are a community fancy category. The conditions of a kitty being considered "vintage" were laid out by player Jody1. Jody's Vintage Kitty collection is on display at Ethereum address 0x3d21accafe60bccdba4922d1d551f2c08d02165b.


Only CryptoKitties with completely black, white, or grey traits can be considered "vintage". All fur types, mouths, eye shapes, and patterns are welcome in the Vintage class. Players whose CryptoKitties met the requirements were welcome to "certify" the kitty with one of Jody’s Certified Stamps of Approval1. In the table below, cattributes are laid out from darkest to lightest qualifying traits.

  • Indicates cattributes that were not included in the original document from Jody but fall within the requirements.