Genes in the active slot can give the kitty a cattribute. Not all genes appear as a cattribute and sometimes different genes can result in the same cattribute (e.g. totesbasic).

Clock Stop

Refers to the period after which no more generation 0 CryptoKitties will be released.

CryptoKitties Core

CryptoKitties Core refers to CryptoKitties as it relates to an organization and business.

Exclusive Cat

An exclusive cat is a kitty with special artwork, which is given as an award instead of using a recipe (see Fancy Cat)

Fancy Cat

A fancy cat is a kitty with special artwork, created by having the correct traits from a secret recipe.

Gas Price

Every game action requires sending an Ethereum transaction. This costs a small fee. The size of the fee is determined by the gas price. The higher the gas price, the faster the transaction will be confirmed.


Each kitty is born with 48 genes, 12 of which are primary genes and the other 36 are hidden. Genes are passed on to kittens when breeding and can affect the appearance of the kitty.

Kitty Clock

Refers to the name of a specific wallet address under control of CryptoKitties core team. (i.e. ⏱ Kitty Clock ⏱ - 0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d)

Primary Gene

Each kitty has 12 primary genes. Primary genes are the only genes that can give the kitty a visible cattribute.


A set of cattributes required for a specific visual look or to obtain a fancy.


A trait is another word for a cattribute.

Trait Category

There are twelve trait categories. Examples are "environment", "eye colour", etc. Two of the categories are still unknown. A list of all the trait categories can be found here.