A mix of resources for players.


Mostly medium articles with general good advice.

Language Specific

Resources that offer information about CryptoKitties in other languages.


CryptoKitty DNA

Spreadsheets and websites that help in determining certain aspects of CryptoKitties DNA and breeding (e.g. calculators).

Kitty Visualizers

These help visualize what the art of a kitty would like before it's produced.

Searches / Explorers

Tools to aid in searching for recessive traits and other search functionality.

Community Bots

Automated processes that help users with certain time sensitive tasks within CryptoKitties.

Extended Content

There are a number of extensions that add new gameplay or visuals to CryptoKitties. Listings here do not represent endorsement; please do further research before participating in their communities.

Dev Tools

These are tools more for devs who want to work with CryptoKitties then specific for general players.